Existing Sky Customers Get Better Deals To Upgrade

Some consumers are thinking whether to add broadband to their already existing Sky TV account. Sky is very much aware of this that is why they offer special deals to already existing customers should they watch-bt-tv-freedecide to add the internet connection with their other Sky plans. Read on first if you are thinking of upgrading or adding a broadband connection.

There are fees to consider when you are going for the Sky Broadband service. Existing Sky TV customers have to be aware of the £60 set up fee. This happens when you are upgrading to a Broadband Lite connection. This does not apply to new customers. For those joining Sky Connect, add a £30 activation fee to your upfront costs. Call the Sky phone number for more details.

Activation Fees

There’s an activation charge of £50 for people upgrading to Fibre from their existing Sky Broadband plans. If you are an entirely new customer looking at having Fibre connection installed, you get a discounted amount of £35 instead.

Switching from an existing provider to Sky is free. This is possible if there’s an already working BT- compatible phone line near your place. There will be a connection fee of £20 if there exists a line but is not  BT – compatible. The same amount applies if an entirely new line is required to be installed.

In terms of availability, not all of the packages are available for everyone. You have to ask through the Sky helpline about this limitation. It is especially true for Sky Fibre connections.

You can also check this information online by using your postcode and your phone number.

Sky’s Limits

Sky is not offering the lowest cost for a standalone broadband connection or a line rental. The Sky Broadband Lite is only offered to new customers. It is only extended to existing customers only if they already have the Sky TV installed.

Take advantage of the Lite offer if you already have Sky TV. It will turn out to be the cheapest option available in the market.

The Sky broadband is also available if you are willing to switch from your current operator to Sky phone service.

Sky line rental has been set to £17.40 since December of 2015. The last time Sky raised its line rental was in December of 2014. This is the cheapest if compared with the other big four Telco providers Sky-Q-set-up-300x129around. The increase of £1 is in the same timing and amount as the previous increases in pricing.

Upfront No More

Sky, however, no longer offer its pay upfront scheme. Paying the entire sum can save you up to 10% for the year as compared to doing the bill payment month by month. This is not being done by competitors BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

Sky also stopped making your calls inclusive along with the line rental option. It is now a separate fee to consider if you want a call package to be included.

Sky has outdone itself. This is according to Ofcom who said that among the big providers, Sky is on top in terms of providing customer satisfaction. The regulator firm said that this is good news as in the years past, Sky Broadband’s reputation wasn’t held highly by the consumers.

Sky has gotten an 80% score for customer satisfaction rating as compared to its nearest competition, Virgin Media, which scored 70%. The two broadband providers have swapped places before with Ofcom’s ratings. Beaten by Virgin in 2014, Sky was able to bounce back and beat Virgin by as much as 10%.

Apart from Ofcom’s ratings, Sky is also doing well in other consumer surveys being conducted independently.

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